As a UK registered charity, Love the One is overseen by a board of trustees whose responsibilities include ensuring the work of Love the One remains within the legislative framework for charities.

In 2014 Love the One India was also formally established as an Indian Trust. Both Boards of Governance work alongside each other in collaboration as we expand our work within India.   

Listed below are the Trustees for both Love the One (UK) and Love the One India.

If you would like to be in contact with any of our trustees please feel free to email:

Love the One (UK) Board of Trustees

   Steve Maxey - Chair of Board & Lawyer

     Caroline Hollingsworth  - Civil Engineer

  Liz Gregson - Linguist & Administrator

   Helen Bone - Family Medicine Doctor

   Kat Regester - Child support worker for traumatised children

   Mary Cusack - Paediatrician

   Catherine Morris - Paediatrician

Love the One India Board of Trustees

  Dr Minal K Nanda - Chair & Medical Superintendant of CHB, Odisha

  Dr Manoj C Jacob - Consultant in Palliative Care - DEAN Foundation

  Mr Sunny Shobhit Gilbert - Senior Pastor Dehradun Vineyard 

  Dr Leenatha Reddy Jakkidi - Paediatric Endocrinologist - Hyderabad