Welcome to our Team!


We love our Love the One family! It's often an expanding one... but over the years we love that many staff and families have stayed with us, even moving across states to continue in our work.

A favourite time of the week is Wednesday afternoons which is when we all get together, from across split sites, and have our 'Love the One Family Time', a time to eat together, share our news, have team building activities and teaching topics plus a lot of games and laughs!

The work of Love the One is diverse and so we have split into a number of smaller teams who oversee and carry out various aspects of our work. Take a peek below and meet our Team Leaders!

[NB. All UK staff/volunteers work in a voluntary capacity and take no salary from Love the One.]


Dr Catherine Morris [MBChB, DTM&H, MRCPCH]

Dr Mary Cusack [MBChB, BSc Hons, DTM&H, MRCPCH] 


Mary and Cat are the co-founders and Directors of Love the One. Both are UK trained Paediatricians, have specialised in Tropical Medicine, and are passionate about child health!They moved to live in India in 2007.

Mary and Cat both live and work in a full time capacity out in India, overseeing directly all the work of Love the One and currently are also the clinical paediatricians for Love the One.

Mary and Cat met whilst training in the UK and have been colleagues and best friends ever since! They love animals and have 3 boisterous labradors in their house, and also look after a fabulous little boy called Soma!

Project Manager & Youth Team Leader

Joesph Jayakumar

Joseph, normally known as 'Jo', has been part of our Love the One team since 2011. Jo's family comes from Telangana (formerly Andhra Pradesh) and shortly after completing his post graduate MBA, Jo decided he wanted to give back to India and serve the poorest children and communities.

Jo has been invaluable as we pioneered our first community children's clinic in one of the toughest districts in Orissa and demonstrated a real heart to stand alongside marginalised communities and as he says in his own words:  'Give a voice to them'. He now serves in the senior LTO team as a Project Manager.

Jo also co-ordinates and specifically leads our youth team as they go out into schools, hostels and communities, teaching lifeskill courses, running youth clubs and inspiring and mentoring the next generation!

Jo's first love is his Royal Enfield motorbike (!) and is also a self taught amazing drummer. If you come and visit you may get to experience both!

Clinic Co-ordinator & Survey Team Leader

Niranjan Garada

Niranjan is a trained lab technician from Orissa and has been working with Love the One since 2010. In 2014, Niranjan was promoted to being our clinic co-ordinator and survey team leader. 

All our medical work is community based. Our mobile clinic teams are made up of a variety of doctors, nurses, translators and Niranjan now co-ordinates all the planning, ordering, packing, filing and data inputting.

The clinic team currently travels around in a large jeep, carrying portable beds, medicines, equipment, notes and teddy bears with us! We look forward one day to having our own specialised mobile clinic bus for all the children and the team to enjoy.

Niranjan is married to Mamina and they have 2 lovely young children which keeps them both busy!

Field Co-ordinator & Facilities Team Leader

Pradeep Nayak

Pradeep is from Orissa and has been working in the NGO sector for more than 25 years. He joined Love the One in 2013 as our Field Co-ordinator, a position that keeps him very busy as he liaises with our communities. From village leaders to government officials, Pradeep is the man who knows what is happening out on the ground and is our key person for building great relationships with our communities!

Pradeep also heads up an important team for us, the facilities team. This team keeps us going each day and is always the busiest! They do the market shopping, maintenance work, keeping our jeep on the road and we have three wonderful cooks at three sites, feeding staff and all our hungry EPIC children! 

Pradeep is married with 2 children who are growing up fast. He recently has purchased a cow which provides fantastic creamy milk for our pre-school children!

EPIC Team Leader

Rosemary Behera

Each of our EPIC centres has their own co-ordinator. Overseeing all the EPIC centres, the ongoing training of staff and outreach planning of more centres in needy areas is Rosemary.

Rosemary has lived in Orissa for most of her life and knows our locality very well. She is an auxillary trained nurse and has a talent for careful record keeping and forward planning!She is passionate about the development of Orissa in positive ways.  Rosemary is married to Rupak and has a lovely young daughter who also gets to enjoy EPIC life! 

Administrator & Children's Centre Co-ordinator

Monali Mohanty 

Monali comes from Orissa and joined the Love the One team in March 2014. She has been a wonderful asset to us, a trustworthy lady who keeps us all organised and up to date in the office with our day to day accounting. Monali became a certified teacher after completing her BSc in Science and has been teaching primary school aged children for the past 9 years.

Monali loves working alongside children and their families, providing invaluable support. In 2015 she became the co-ordinator of our new Children's Centre, a place where our children with special needs and their families can come for support and play. Monali oversees our family support team of social workers, play specialist and nurse. 

Monali always has a smile on her face and is a joy to work with! Outside of work she loves to 'experiment' with cooking (!) and also loves any baby animals, particuarly puppies!

School Team Leader

Santoshini Nahak

Santoshini was born and brought up in Orissa. Santoshini has completed her postgraduate qualification in Rural Management and is now also pursuing her Bachelor in Education. Santoshini, our youngest team leader, now leads our team of fabulous school teachers.

She has an absolute passion to see the poverty cycle in impoverished families in India be broken and for the next generation to be empowered to be change agents. She is a fun, inspiring young leader to be around, and the children find her energy infectious!

Santoshini is also an excellent dancer, singer and laughs a lot... a LOT!

UK Administrators

Liz Gregson - UK Volunteer Co-ordinator

Liz has been involved with Love the One for many years! She has visited us out in India on a number of occasions, helping to design and teach on our Parenting and Child Health course, and bringing her husband Ian and daughter Ella out to have fun at our children's camps and painting & removation projects!

Liz puts in many voluntary hours for us back in the UK, being a very efficient volunter co-ordinator and helping to ensure the team trips out to us in India run smoothly and safely. If all that wasn't enough, Liz also serves on our UK board of Trustees.

Simply put... we couldn't do without her! 

Isabel Cusack - UK Secretary

Isabel is Dr Mary's mum (Director) so has always taken an active interest in Love the One!She is a trained secretary so we were delighted when she offered to also help out as our UK based secretary. People who donate to Love the One are always pleased to receive a personal note of thanks from Isabel!

Isabel is a busy lady, having 6 children and 13 grandchildren (and counting!) and her house is therefore always a busy fun place to spend time at! Mary's earliest training in caring for small children came from watching her mum! Isabel's new pride of joy is her little fluffy white dog, Lola!