Dr Jenny's Update 2010

Jenny has had an unprecedented number of small babies to deliver....

Jenny in her own words has described the past couple of months as a baby tsunami! One baby had been born weighed only 1.4 kg. Over the next 2 weeks more and more babies followed, with the smallest weighing in at just over 800g! With few resources and no incubator Jenny made heroic efforts in keeping these fragile babies alive. At one point she had 4 babies lined up in 1 cot with hot water bottles to keep them warm. At the time of writing all the babies have survived. Jenny stayed up for many nights caring for them as if they were her own. She is now being assisted by Ruth from Nottingham who has volunteered with LTO for 6 weeks.


Thanks to the wonderful donations of premature baby clothes and knitted hats and blankets that were sent over to the hospital from within India and also from the UK. they were very much appreciated!

Thanks to Jenny and her supporters back in the UK The Bethany Hospital now has a TOY BOX full of goodies which the sick children are loving!