Little Ayush


Emotional day as the team say farewell to baby Ayush and family as they travel back to their relatives house after being with us for a month.

Ayush had a condition called hydrocephalus which meant he had an enlarged head which was really painful and life threatening to him. The family were unable to afford medical treatment for him so doctors discharged him from their care. Fortunately the parents heard of Love the One and we were delighted to be able to support them through the surgery he needed. 

Ayush then suffered some post-op complications and it was at this stage
a paediatric doctor in Orissa said "this baby should just be put in the rubbish bin". Devastating and wrong. 

We and his parents continued to fight for his life and Ayush has come through once again! What a gorgeous little chap he is and we will really miss him, his big sister and his mum and dad who have become like family with us. 

Ayush will be needing regular check-ups and ongoing care from us so the team are already looking forward to our next cuddles with him! 

Thank you for all your love, financial giving and prayers for this much loved little boy, the parents have been weeping today with so much gratitude that words could not express.