Who remembers Vikas?

 Who remembers this cheeky chap?! We have some great news!!!

We first met Vikas back in 2011 when he was in a dire condition in rural Orissa. Born in a mud hut with some of his spinal contents protruding from his back. Over the next 3 years his mum and dad saved and sold everything they had so that he could have the spinal operation he needed.

After the operation the family struggled on, in desperate financial poverty and with a son who now has a paralysed leg and is incontinent due to damaged spinal nerves. Vikas then developed a severe chronic ulcer on his foot which ate away at his muscles and bone over a period of 2 years. 

Dad lost hope... no doctors wanted to help him... he decided to stop trying to help his son and decided, out of desperation, to let him die.

However fortunately the story didn't end there. Dad made one last effort for his son, he heard Love the One had moved into his area and brought him to our clinic in Malkangiri. Over the next 2 years we journeyed with this family as we advocated and pleaded with orthopaedic doctors in India to take on his case and operate to save his life. Finally he had the operation and his leg and his life was saved. 

Vikas had been shunned all his life due to his disabilities. His dream was simple, he wanted some friends and he wanted to go to school like other children. So we took him to school and insisted the teacher let him attend classes. Vikas became the most popular kid in the village!


3 years on... 

Another dream is coming true for Vikas. He and his family have decided to move from their remote village to Berhampur to create more opportunities for their family. Vikas is now on our new LTO school sponsorship scheme and today was accepted as a student in the nearby English Medium School, opening up his future opportunities immensely! This was a dream for his dad that he thought was never possible for his son.

Vikas's Dad has now rejoined on our LTO staff team at Love the One and Vikas's younger sister is starting tomorrow on our EPIC pre-school program. 

This is complete family transformation... and we are so thrilled for them!