Pratik is our little miracle!

 Pratik is our little miracle!

Pratik was born 2 months prematurely, in rural Orissa, with a severe condition of spinal contents protruding from his neck. 2 hospitals examined him, but he was yet another little baby who was simply discharged and sent home to die.

Dr Catherine met him in April on the side of the road having been sent away from the hospital when he was 2 weeks old and weighing just a little more than 1 kilo. He was too small to even feed. The parents were understandably distressed and were preparing to take him back to their village, 12 hours away, with no further hope for their son knowing that he would slowly die of starvation. 

We quickly brought him back to base to warm him and start some feeds. After putting on some weight he then was able to be assessed by the neurosurgical team in the next state. After an anxious time of not knowing whether an operation was possible, finally the team decision was to operate and hope for the very best, knowing that there was a significant risk of total body paralysis.

After theatre, there was tears all round from the team and the family when Pratik's little arms and legs were moving normally!

4 months on Pratik has returned in July for a follow-up CT scan and review. He is doing extremely well, smiling and active with the chubbiest little cheeks and weighing at a healthy 3.65kg!! 

We are all queuing up for cuddles with this gorgeous little chap, and mum cannot stop smiling. Another little life saved...