Every child has a right to a family

Family based care is proven to be the best way to raise a child who is unable to live with their biological family, whether this is kinship care, foster care or adoption. We want to see more children finding a safe and loving family to be nurtured in, rather than an institutional care model.

The key to success for family based care is for families to commit to bring a child into their home and to raise them as part of their own family.

Foster Care is a relatively new concept in India. It is being promoted by various national children’s agencies in partnership with the Indian Government and we are really excited about being part of a movement of people that want to see this form of care be offered to the many children who are in need of a loving home.

Watch this space!

For more information about how foster care guidelines and attitudes are changing in India, do check out Foster Care India, a great charity doing pioneering work in this area.