Love the One - Making a difference... one child at a time


Making a difference... one child at a time


Standing alongside the children...

Love the One exists to provide poor and orphaned children with free medical care.

However Love the One is more than a medical project. We are passionate about seeing childrens’ lives transformed, and allowing them to regain their childhood. Not only do we treat their illnesses, but we aim to love, counsel and stand up on behalf of these children so that they don’t just exist, but that they live life to the full.

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Vision and Aims


To provide excellent free community child health care.


To be an advocate for the children.


To train and equip and stand alongside others


To see children not just survive, but to thrive!


Love the One aims to partner with existing reputable children's charities. The project has been launched in India and is expected to replicate; to expand and reach out to children of other nations in the future.

New startling footage of the work of Love the One in rural India - Orissa

WARNING - some scenes may be distressing for children to view, please use parental guidance.

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Love the One from steven illsley on Vimeo