Creating child friendly spaces

Little children roam on rubbish dumps on or by the side of busy roads, school children sit in bare classrooms on the floor, youth hang out often in vulnerable areas... we want to see this improve!

A fun and important part of our work is providing child friendly spaces for babies, children and young people to be in, so that they have space to be children, to play, learn and interact with others their own age and be encouraged and loved by the adults around them. Once a space has been cleaned up for hygienic reasons, and decorated for raising their morale, we see a positive effect on the community around. 

 The EPIC centres are open all day and is a wonderful  child friendly space for the children to be for most of  the day, instead of being extremely vulnerable on the  streets. We also love to create and build playgrounds, creating a  fun, safe space for children to play!


We create safe spaces for children living in institutions  by renovating their living space to make it safe for them to stay. This has at  times included rewiring all the electrics, putting in windows to stop the mosquitoes or snakes coming in  at night! We then paint and  decorate it and make it a much more  enjoyable place to live in. We even visit children's hospitals to give them some much needed attention to make it a welcoming place for children.


Teams from overseas have often helped with the      painting and renovation work, it's always a lot of fun  and a great way to get to know the kids and the carers  of these institutions. If you would like to volunteer to  be part of a team, do get in touch!