Love the One India Activities

At Love the One India we are passionate about children accessing their child rights.

Love the One India is based in one the one poorest states of India, Odisha.

As we began our work in 2014, the board of the organisation decided to concentrate on health, educational and childcare activities for needy children .

Our model of care has always been centered around the child providing a full package of care. Children need nutritious food, health care, education, family support and a safe place to grow and thrive. This is the very core of our work at Love the One India and we are seeing transformative changes in our children and their families.  

Health and Disability

At our Paralakhemundi EPIC P1 preschool we provide regular health care and check ups for all the children who are enrolled plus other children in their communities as well.

A number of children have some complex medical needs, some requiring surgery and treatments in hospital from other specialists which our team arrange with our voluntary medical doctors from the UK.

Children with disabiity are encouraged to seek our help as we believe it is every childs right to access health care.

Education - EPIC P1 Preschool


Education begins early though play! We have been able to establish an EPIC centre (Early Paediatric Interventional Care) for the 0-5 years age group in and around Paralakhemundi.. The children who we enroll into EPIC are carefully selected after an extensive community survey and community meetings. Only the very poor attend our centres and everything is completely free of charge for them. 

Many young babies and children in impoverished situations are left in mud huts alone whilst their parents go out to earn a small daily wage. Many young children can die from this type of neglect through illness, snake bites, dehydration, accidents as they roam freely or even trafficked. 

The children thrive in a child friendly stimulating environment with good resouces to learn through play. Allowing the young children to begin at an early age in our project helps to sensitise their families early to the value of education and we hope in the future we can grow and establish a free school for those 5+

Investing in infrastructure and human resources


Love the One India began with small humble beginnings and finance, but with a big heart and a big vision to reach many children across Odisha. Love the One (UK) has set the foundation of the work but we are excited that as Love the One India we are growing and working towards having increased funding from those kind people from India who want to donate to the neediest children in our nation, CSR from companies who want to help use ther profits to improve India and we are also working towards having our own FCRA to allow international donations and grants to made toward this vital work.


Dr Cat Morris and Dr Mary Cusack are the Voluntary Directors of Love the One India and are Paediatricians from the UK, who are members of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (UK). MRCPCH

They are voluntary doctors registered with the Medical Council of India (MCI) and are the resident paediatricians of Love the One India. They reside in India on employment visas amd they continue to offer their specilaised services for free for all our children.