Early Learning - it's time to play!

At Love the One we love to play! Not just because it's fun, but because we believe that a child centered approach to learning is life changing!

Child centered learning through discovery and play is essential for a child’s development and understanding of the world. Many educational institutions still adhere to the system of learning by rote and strict, fear based, discipline with no play or fun. This type of learning has been proven not to give a child the best chance in life, as it stunts their ability to reason and comprehend and decreases their development into emotionally mature and capable adults.

At Love the One we are passionate about being part of the change for children in India.

Early Intervention is key for our children who are at high risk of neglect and abuse. Research has shown that the most effective way to maximise a child's development and potential in 'at risk' families is to intervene early. To allow a child to be nurtured in a safe, stimulating environment and to begin their learning through play.

Our EPIC Centres are aimed to give marginalised children a great head start in life, through play based pre-school learning. Some children are from very chaotic backgrounds, but learning through a fun, structured pre-school that uses positive discipline techniques, helps a child to feel safe and loved and gives them a chance to discover the world. Our vision is for each child to 'graduate' out from the EPIC centre as a secure, happy child, ready to be enrolled into mainstream school. 

If you, like us, are passionate about seeing this change, then please read more on the EPIC Centre page and get involved or sponsor a child. We need you!

"Child-centered approaches to development represent an opportunity to tackle seemingly intractable problems of poverty. Children are the starting point for breaking intergenerational cycles of denial and patterns of discrimination. Promoting development that is guided in the best interests of the child and oriented towards realising the rights of children ensures sustainable human development. The well-being of children translates into the well-being of a nation. It is a key yardstick for measuring national development.”  

Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan