Mobile clinics - Health on the move!

The poorest of the poor find it hard to even begin to access health care, especially when living in remote places... so we love to travel to them!

The mobile clinic team love to go to where the need is greatest. We have a great survey team who spend weeks surveying different communities and villages, getting to know them and hearing their main concerns and needs. Then together we see how best we can stand alongside them, work with them and look forward to seeing improved health in their children.

Love the One run mobile clinics to both urban slum and poor rural communities to provide free health care to children in need. Many children have never seen a health care professional in their whole life! Therefore the team are very thorough in not only treating the child's acute illness, but also checking them and their siblings from top to toe, and getting to know each family.

The mobile clinic team often is the first contact with new communities, and opens up further opportunities, such as initiating local EPIC centres, working alongside local schools, starting youth groupslooking at sanitation issues with them, and so much more.

What does a mobile clinic look like?

What does a mobile clinic look like? We load up our large jeep with equipment, medicines and paperwork and head off with the team of doctors, nurses and social workers to set up our clinic in a variety of settings. We may be in a local community centre, a slum shack or even outdoors under a tree! 

Our team are well practiced and it now takes us just 10 minutes to unpack and set up a basic 2-4 bedded clinical area, complete with toys to make the clinic experience fun, small pharmacy and mobile laboratory... and then we are ready to go! 

As we grow, we would love to have a larger rugged mobile clinic bus to allow us to reach further, more remote areas to bring primary care into the neediest areas. If you would like to know more about how to donate to Love the One, please click here.