What we do

At Love the One we are passionate about being a grass roots movement, working with compassion, standing for justice and seeing the rights of children across the world being upheld, always working with a child centered approach to development.

We have a strong focus on providing medical care to children in areas where access to good health care is difficult, but we also recognise that medical care on its own is not enough. We may be able to see children survive from their bout of malaria, but with no opportunity of a good education, their futures still look bleak.

Partnering health with education is a powerful thing to do. Not only do the children now survive their childhood and tropical illnesses, but with access to education they then have an opportunity to see the poverty cycle in which they are living in start to change, and not just for themselves but for their families, their communities and ultimately their nation.

When we add on our third focus of caring for children with excellence, to see children protected from damaging child abuse, and to allow them to be valued and nurtured we then see transformative change. Children allowed to regain their childhoods will progress to being secure, confident, happy and healthy young people, able to fulfill their potential and really thrive.

To see all three areas in action in one project, do check out our innovative EPIC centre model which we have pioneered to provide child centered care with excellence, combining access to health, early education, nutrition, and a lot of fun all under one roof!