Every child has a right to a family

Family based care is proven to be the best way to raise a child who is unable to live with their biological family, whether this is kinship care, foster care or adoption.

We want to see more children finding a safe and loving family to be nurtured in, rather than an institutional care model.

The best for any child is to be able to stay with their loving biological family. Love the One aims to keep children in their families, and to give love and practical support for the family enabling them to be able to care for well for their own children, especially those with disability or special needs so they don't feel their only option is to abandon through poverty or community stigma.

At Love the One our heart is for families to be loved and supported to care for their children and learn how to raise them without abusing them.

However some families just are unable to do this for a variety of reasons. Kinship care is often the next step if possible, care from a close relative.  Foster Care is a relatively new concept in India and Adoption sadly also has stigma surrounding it. Children will always thrive better in a family environment but for this to happen foster families have to  commit to bring a child into their home and to raise them as part of their own family and love them like their own child.

Foster Care is a relatively new concept in India. It is being promoted by various national children’s agencies in partnership with the Indian Government and we are really excited about being part of a movement of people that want to see this form of care be offered to the many children who are in need of a loving home.

Watch this space!

For more information about how foster care guidelines and attitudes are changing in India, do check out Foster Care India, a great charity doing pioneering work in this area.

If anyone is interested in adopting a child from India, you MUST go through the legal route which is via CARA - The Central Adoption Resources Authority. Any other type of adoption is illegal in India and we support CARA and always educate those around us about the positive view we have about adoption, especially for those many children who are abandoned because of disability, however mild.

Every child has a RIGHT to a FAMILY.